Employee Performance Management

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Employee Performance Management Deskripsi Successful employers always make investments to retain their workers and improve their effectiveness. By constantly and consistently measuring performance, employers can ensure that their investment is providing results. Each individual employee is an integral part of an organization. Each plays his/her role towards the total performance of the organization. The success and progress of the organization

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Effective General Affairs

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Effective General Affairs DESKRIPSI Sebagai supporting unit perusahaan yang utama, General Affairs dituntut untuk dapat mejalankan tugasnya dengan baik. General Affairs membawahi cukup banyak bidang pekerjaan, diantaranya : Building Maintenance, Car Maintenance, Insurance, Cleaning Service, Security, Canteen, RPTKA, Perizinan, Outsourcing, ATK, Kurir, Dll. Dibutuhkan manajemen pengaturan dan pelaksanaan yang cermat agar berbagai  pekerjaan dalam General Affairs dapat berjalan dengan efektif.

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PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT   DESCRIPTION Cost over-runs average about 56% of original budgets! Some of the culprits: Poor estimates, unrealistic budgets and ROI falling short of expectations. Just plain poor financial management. Sound familiar? The good news is that seminar gives you a better understanding of the cost management aspect of managing projects. Learn how to apply proven methods, tools

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